Headaches Relief

Headache Relief With Chiropractic Care

Seeking headache relief? Consider Health First Chiropractic Puyallup to address your headache and pain relief needs. People who live in Puyallup, WA discover a wide range of causes for their headaches, back pain, and neck pain. Unfortunately, lasting pain relief only occurs when you address the underlying cause of the pain, which so few mainstream doctors take the time to do. Instead, they simply offer prescription medications to aid in the pain management process without addressing the underlying cause at all. In other words, they’re only providing temporary relief for your headache rather than ending them for good.


How is Chiropractic Care Different?

Dr. Croxford believes in providing the body with what it needs to cure itself whenever possible. In the case of headache relief, this means that Dr. Croxford must identify what it is that is causing your headaches, address the problem, and then help you avoid having the same problem in the future.

While it would be a truly wonderful world if this can be managed in a single treatment, it often requires multiple treatments before lasting relief is accomplished. However, most people do leave the initial visit with an upper cervical chiropractor, one who focuses treatment on adjusting the upper neck region of your spine, feeling better than when they arrived.

The expectation is that you will experience sufficient relief to return to your normal activities with minimal headache pain while your chiropractor explores your care in an effort to determine the underlying cause of the headaches. Then, the upper cervical chiropractor can call you in to discuss potential treatment options that address your condition rather than providing only temporary pain management with any lasting pain relief.

Some amount of trial and error may be necessary to discover the precise cause of your headaches and the most effective treatment to address the cause. For instance, tension headaches may require only a slight adjustment to your cervical alignment to address and correct. In addition to manual adjustments, you may require massage therapy and other types of treatment to completely eliminate your cluster headaches. Other people require multiple forms of treatment in addition to identifying potential headache triggers to practice an element of prevention.

Other people may go home with a list of stretches and other exercises to do daily as preventative pain management therapy to keep the pain of debilitating headaches at bay.

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While you may have been searching for months to find lasting headache relief, your chiropractor may be able to cure in the course of a single appointment or several appointments over time. Visit Health First Chiropractic in Puyallup, WA to explore your treatment options and find real relief for yourself.


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