Intersegmental Traction Table

Intersegmental Traction Table

Do you have back pain? Are you suffering from a spinal issue that left your back injured? If so, a chiropractor can help. At Health First Chiropractic of Puyallup we would like to introduce you to the intersegmental traction table. When you come in for an appointment with us, we will have you lie down on your back on this comfortable table and relax. What you'll feel is just like a massage. The table uses a rolling motion to loosen your muscles and relax the entire body. Aside from this, the table has even more healing effects on the body. Read on to learn more about the amazing intersegmental traction table.


The Benefits of an Intersegmental Traction Table

A traction table works by moving the spine. When this happens, your body is restored back to normal motion by using triple rollers. Major benefits from using the table are increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, relaxes the muscles and decreases muscle spasms while working pressure points to give you relief.

Regain Flexibility

An injury to the spine can get in the way of your proper range of motion. This makes flexibility a problem and only gets worse when not treated. At the office they’ll use the traction table to stretch out your spinal joints to increase circulation. The table's motion will also ease any pressure on your spine and nerves. Over time, you will become more flexible.

Pain Relief

Most of our patients come to us seeking pain relief. Neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, arm pain - all of these types of pain are usually caused by a spinal issue. With treatment at Dr. Croxford's office, we will use both the traction table and other forms of physical therapy. The table will help restore your spine's natural range of motion, whether due to an injury, poor posture, or other issues. Once the spine is realigned, your pain will be under control. 

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