Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a big problem. Studies have shown that 85 percent of all people will suffer from significant back pain at some point in their life. Back pain can be irritating, intimidating, and completely debilitating. You need recourse to deal with the pain so it doesn’t take over your life. Health First Chiropractic in Puyallup has been treating and relieving back pain for years. We can help you too, and that starts with learning more about your back pain, what it means, and how we can deal with it.


The Causes of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain comes in many forms, and it can have many causes. Naturally, one of the most common is an injury. After a strain, sprain, or another injury, pain is common and can be severe. Outside of direct injury, there are many potential underlying reasons for pain and discomfort.

Chronic pain can come from a herniated disc. Contrary to popular belief, herniation is not always the result of extreme exertion. Discs can herniate from inflammation and repetitive stress.

Degenerative diseases are another source of lower back pain. Degenerative disc disease occurs when the discs lose hydration. This can lead to wear that makes the back less resilient and more susceptible to chronic pain.

Various joint dysfunctions can also cause persistent pain. The facet and sacroiliac joints can wear down over time, leaving the lower back less capable of absorbing shocks and providing pain-free mobility.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors have many resources that can help you with chronic or persistent pain. The resource that is associated with chiropractic care the most is spinal manipulation, and it can aid in the recovery from many sources of back pain. This is only one avenue a chiropractor can take.

Treatment starts with a proper diagnosis. The chiropractor must discover the source of the problem to truly resolve it. This can involve multiple tests and consultations with other doctors. Once the cause is identified, a treatment plan will be developed.

Spinal manipulation and massage therapy are very common treatments for back pain. Other treatments will include physical therapy, dietary adjustment (which can help tremendously with strain and inflammation), and general wellness coaching. Improving ergonomics in the work environment, reducing persistent physical and mental stress as well as scheduling rest periods are all techniques that can help with back pain and improve your general condition.

If you live in or around Puyallup, WA, and you’ve been experiencing lower back pain, we can help. Call Health First Chiropractic today at (253) 256-4818 to schedule an appointment. We can help you get back on track and provide the pain relief you deserve.

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